About Us

    If you are looking to be pampered, that is not us. If you are looking for relief from aches and pains, we are the place for you! We will help you customize your massage needs to make your life easier.

    We focus on the medical and clinical side of massage versus the spa side. Main stream media has brainwashed the general public into believing that massage is only good for relaxation purposes and nothing more. This is simply not true! There is so much more to massage than just relaxation and that is where we come in, we focus on what your complaints are. While we can provide relaxation massage, such as, "Swedish" massage, it is typically not our main focal point for our clients.

    The majority of our client's see us for 90 to 120 minutes each visit. While we do offer 30 and 60 minute massages, it doesn't give us much time to do detailed and meticulous work on your body. We even offer a 5 hour massage for those with severe problems and is in dire need of relief.

     With our Trustworthy, Insured, Licensed, Professional, Medical Massage Therapists, we can help you find the antidote to fit your needs with one of our therapeutic massages. We are the ONLY establishment with 50 miles of our location with Certified Medical Massage Practitioners.